Adoption Stories

Check back often for pet adoption stories from Valley Animal Hospital!

I wanted to share a story with you of the newest dogs to join the Crest Hill Family. Sammy and Rocko are both pit bull terriers. Rocko is just under 2 years old and Sammy turned 3 his second day here. They were new patients that came to our hospital for boarding on March 2nd. They were meant to spend a week here while their family was moving to a new home. Their boarding was paid in full. On the day they were set to go home, the owner made us aware they would need to stay another week. She came in to visit and walk the dogs, paid for another week of boarding and left. The extension continued another week and then as we have seen before, radio silence. Tonight will be their 79th night in our kennel.

At this point in time, we have taken the necessary steps to assume ownership. Luckily for them, our team LOVES them (and everyone else too!). They get extra attention from kennel staff when they can. Megan, an extraordinary kennel staff member comes in early to her shifts to walk each of them daily. Dr. Brandy and I decided immediately that animal control was not an option for these pups. The breed is overwhelmingly filling our local shelters already.

Kristin has made it her mission to find help for our hospital to adopt out these adorable boys. Ideally we wanted to find a rescue that would be able to put them in foster homes as the continued length of stay starts to take a toll on them physically and mentally. We also want to make sure that professionals are vetting potential adopters so that they go to only the very best home for them. In order to make this process easier we did neuter both Rocko and Sammy once we retained ownership. Sadly, we have been in contact with 40+rescues and resources with very little luck. Yesterday that changed! Tails Humane Society in Dekalb is willing to take them on and adopt them out. They have a drop off appointment on May 23rd. They will continue to look for suitable foster homes so they won’t need to stay at their facility.



This is Shanks (sweet as pie!) who was here for just over 9 weeks before he found his forever home back in November!